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Use GrowFlow for the easiest, best experience during the WSLCB Blackout Period.

To save you from submitting excel sheets to the WSLCB, GrowFlow has created a stand-alone version of the easiest to use software on the market. Use GrowFlow stand-alone and we will track all your traceability actions during the blackout period and report that info to the state automagically! You keep selling, you keep making money, and you stay 100% compliant - without the need for confusing spreadsheets or handwritten data!

GrowFlow Support i502 Producers and Processors exclusively

What's the Deal with the WSLCB Blackout?

The new Leaf Data system won't be ready until as late as January 2nd, 2018. Without an extension of the current contract with Bio-track, producers and processors will be required to report their data via an excel file.

As of now there will be no central traceability system after October 31st. Meaning traceability data will only be able to be retrieved from Oct. 31st and before.

GrowFlow Saves! What GrowFlow has created as a solution.

To make things easier, GrowFlow has developed a standalone "offline" mode. This will allow our customers to use Growflow to track required traceability and then export that data directly to the LCB to stay compliant.

The time is Now. Start a GrowFlow trial today, and skip the headaches.

We strongly encourage you to sign up to GrowFlow before Nov 1st to insure your data is backed up, and that you can continue moving forward in a way that doesn't slow down your business.

GrowFlow remains focused on providing producer processors the most advanced, and easiest to use system. Although we are disappointed in the situation, we are proud that we will be able to provide the best available solution, during this time.

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"GrowFlow is what all other trace-ability systems should strive to be."

It is a straight forward, common sense program that has cut our time on the computer down dramatically, allowing us to increase our efficiency and productivity. Their customer service is top notch and the people are just awesome!

We switched and haven't looked back; we just wish they would have started their company sooner.

- Brandon Caffrey - Creekside Cannabis

GrowFlow Customer - Creekside Cannabis